Be careful to compare apples to apples in pricing. Price conventional homes with a wall R-value of 35 and see what your builder says. Code is R-19 to R- 21 and the new International Building Code is R-26. Why is the minimum wall insulation level going higher you may ask?

Bruce, thank you very much, you clarified my design concerns, about my passive & active solar designed home. You have reaffirmed my confidence to build a solar home here in Washington.

David Kreps, Builder WA


Did you know that the vapor barrier installed by code attributes to mold growth?

The United Building Code (UBC) has the same design for all climates & weather patterns? Is this logical?

The true insulation  factor for a 2x6 fiberglass batten wall system with is R- 12.7 not R-19.

Testing by Oak Ridge Libratory

Do you have health concerns at  home &  work? Are you experiencing, fatigue, itching, headache, nausea,  welts, rashes after a remodeling, sneezing only in one location?

Have you heard of rain screens? Has your designer or builder? If you live in the Northwest or in other mixed humid climates to better find out.



Northern New Mexican Territorial


Square Footage and Building Cost 1749 sq. ft. first floor, 1354 sq. ft. second floor, Total: 3103 main floor & upper.

Basement, 1632 sq. ft.

1749 sq. ft. porch/deck (+175 sq. ft. 25' wide staircase to driveway)

This house was built as custom high end, finishes throughout, slab granite countertops & island, European appliances, sub zero refrigerator etc. Large pull out pantry, custom cabinets & faux finishing. Original costs for this home & porch were in the high six figures professionally built. Your cost will depend an the finishes selected, owner/built homes can save dramatically below professional pricing.


Style: Northern New Mexico or Territorial was indicative of the Victorian period. As settlers moved to the northern mountains NM, they designed steep pitched roofs to shed the snow, broad porches, to protect from the harsh summer heat.

Exterior windows & interior doors are adorned with crown molding.


Number of Rooms:  

3-bed, master bathroom with walk-in closet. Powder room/laundry, full bathroom up-stairs.

Master on main floor, walk-in closet off of master bath, glass block shower enclosure-no door.

Two fire places, one in the master bedroom adobe lite (manufacturer) corner installed, kiva designed with plaster.

The living room has a wood/gas insert centered between the door & window.


Construction Style:

Wood post & beam, straw bale in-fill.

Plan Cost: 50 cent per square foot

Design changes to plans are based on estimated quote.


Special note

Additions to the home are easy.

Order Your Plan: 1) Please e-mail: which plan you choose with all of your information: name, address, phone number. Rush me plans!

2)Please make payable to:

Terra Sol Design & Building

3) Mail to :1044 Water Street, PMB 231 Port Townsend, WA 98368

4) Money orders and cashiers checks, plans are sent within 3-5 days.

5) Checks will take approximately 2-3 weeks to clear. We will send an e-mail when the plans are sent.




                                         Main Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan

East Elevation

South Elevation

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